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Save Soil Movement Ideas
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Created by Shivani #Save Soil
Created on Feb 12, 2022

Collaborate with Schools and Colleges/Universities to join Conscious Planet- Save Soil movement

Namaskaram Everyone,

There are so many schools and colleges in a cites/towns to whom we can contact and include them to be a part of Conscious Planet movement.

We can contact the teachers/Professors/principal of schools and colleges where we studied, to enhance the message about the Conscious Planet Save Soil movement.

Below are the ideas that schools and colleges can practice to make the students/teachers aware and get them involved to participate in the Conscious Planet - Save Soil Movement.

1) We can conduct session/Campaign to encourage the students to become a part of this movement.

2) Organize Event with Environmental experts to create awareness, provide training and educate the students as this knowledge will help the students to contribute in the initiative in a much better way.

3) Once the students are educated, we can involve them for Tree plantation program, supply these trees to the Farmers in nearby villages. Schools/Colleges should come together to help farmers. This will not only help farmers to revitalize soil but also impart an important responsibility into students life to know and understand the importance of soil.


4) 'Students for Soil India' is also added to conscious planet save soil movement where India Students can participate in the initiative by hand writing a letter to our Hon. PM Shri Narendra Modi. Please visit this link for more details

5) College students, Teachers and others can join as Earth Buddy at to create awareness.

Let us create a Conscious Planet #SaveSoil. Let us make it happen!

#EarthBuddy #EachOneReachOne #ConsciousPlanet #SaveSoil #SaveSoilSaveLife #JoinToSaveSoil

Thank you!


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  • Harshita Patel
    Mar 11, 2022

    This is a very good idea. This is fun and helpful to spread the message. I would like to add an idea in this

    • In schools painting competitions ,craft challenge ,skit on soil conservation ,exhibits on soil extinction should be held .These will work as a tool for soil awareness.

    • Students should be provided a platform either offline or online, where they can share their ideas, videos ,arts ,crafts.

    • Mountain treks ,picnics should be organised by volunteers and earth buddies and they should take the willing students on a trip.This will give them experiential awarenss.

  • Priyanka Nagireddy
    Mar 5, 2022

    Yes, this is a great idea. By collaborating with educational institutions, we can reach out to school students to write a letter to Prime Minister for #SaveSoil. Also children spread this in their homes. And college students can sign up as an Earth Buddy. We all must contact institutions and start campaigning.

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