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Save Soil Movement Ideas
Created by Sowmya Jayaprakash
Created on Feb 13, 2022

Correcting the SOIL PH.

One of the measures should be Correcting the Soil PH. The measure of the acidity or alkalinity of soil is referred to as the soil pH and is determined by a soil test. If the soil test shows the soil is too acidic, lime can be used to bring the soil into an optimum pH range. If the soil is too alkaline, sulfur is used to reduce the alkalinity. On the pH scale, soil that is neutral will have a reading of 7.0. Readings below 7.0 indicate the soil is acidic, while those reading above 7.0 indicate an alkaline condition. Vegetable crops, as a group, prefer a slightly acidic soil of about 6.5 pH.

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