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Save Soil Movement Ideas
Created by Shyrada Dirkans
Created on Feb 13, 2022

Create Save the Soil T-shirts, I Am Earth Buddy, I Am Earth Champions, I Am Earth Ambassadors or Save the Soil T-shirts,Sell T-shirts to movement we can use funds to host various save the soil events, Like Teach Children how to Vermicompost at Home n Urban Areas ofUSA

everybody can get in on this awareness young n old with T-shirts we communicate most information that way now in urban areas, If We help bring Awareness by Raising Funding to HelpUrban Areas to Create Vermicompost Buns At home in ther various kitchens On ther Counter Tops Teaching them how to Nurture and Nourish the Soil By Have a Miniature Eco Systems on ther Counters with Some Worms , Peat Moss and Decad Fruit, We Can Purchase Land n Urban Areas n Plant Greenry Threw out Community So once The Good Ecosystem have been established with the small compost ther will be areas to put the good ecosystems Into Thank You✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

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