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Save Soil Movement Ideas
Categories Influencers
Created by Wade Irving
Created on Feb 14, 2022

approach Bill Gates and try enlighten him to the dangers of the Industrial Agricultural and Pharmaceutical complex, balance his economic understanding with a ecological understanding.

There are some very powerful people in the world with huge capital, resource and influence around the world.

Bill Gates is openly invested and a huge supporter of industrial agriculture and industrial pharmaceutical companies.

These multi national companies serve a purpose but they have reached such a huge scale that a good thing is now developing rapidly into a very harmful thing.

listening to Bill Gates, his actions and ideas seem to come out of a concern, however the reality is that he has no idea about ecology, and the importance of natural ecosystems within and outside of the human body.

It is simple an environment he is not accustomed to. I believe his activity is a misdirected form of compassion.

it would be great to be able to influence such a person, enlighten him to another side of life, besides economic gain. lets encourage him towards ecological gain also.

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