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Save Soil Movement Ideas
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Created on Feb 16, 2022

Asking our honorable prime minister to conduct a mann ki baat session with the whole india, to encourage people of all kinds to save soil. And bringing policies in this nation that helps rejuvenating the soil.

This movement has started from india. Once Sadhguru also said that if india does yoga, the whole world will anyway get attracted to it and do yoga after a while. So, Isha foundation could contact our prime minister ji to talk about conscious planet movement so that the whole nation know about it. See, right now most of people are unaware of soil degradation. Today, there is a large segment of our population very influenced by modi ji including me. If he comes and talk about it, in a short period of time lots of people will notice the need of saving soil and show their support. Please see if this is possible 🙏
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