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Save Soil Movement Ideas
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Created by LeeAnne Caputo
Created on Feb 16, 2022

Global Campaign that follows the same theme

Before Conscious Planet was launched, I was on a Clubhouse Call where we did a Chit Shakti meditation after discussing the upcoming launch. At the end of the meditation I had a short burst of a vision. A woman dressed red, who had pulled her hand from the soil and when she opened it there were tumeric roots. And the soil wasn't soil, it had turned to sand. And she let out a cry to the sky. I could see the bed was completely dry and cracked. Now I don't know if saw these shown to me before at an event or it was something I was meant to see and share. But this image has been engrained in my mind. I feel that this is the image that needs to tell the story. And it can be replicated across different countries. In the USA one of the most successful campaigns was the Make American Beautiful campaign where there was an Indian paddling a canoe through a river a garbage. That campaign is still running today. They are still events happening all over the US because of that commercial It spawned so many recycling programs, roadside clean ups, river clean ups, etc. Why? Because it tugged at the heartstrings. It made people cry because that Native America was crying. Marketing uses emotions to get people's attention and getting people's attention is important. Having a face to the campaign is important and I feel it should feature women - the Divine Feminine. Conscious Planet was born to protect Mother Earth and we and we are mother's to world. It does need a storyboard.

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