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Save Soil Movement Ideas
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Created on Feb 17, 2022

Sadhguru ROADTRIP planing in support of Save Soil Food Label Campagn

Sadhguru could be stopping at strategic supermarkets on his road trip, to draw attention to the cause of displaying Concious Planet SAVE SOIL Labels on food products.

The stop events could be coupled with a campaign to offset the carbon footprint of certain food products by paying farmers carbon credits for STORING CARBON IN SOILS.

For example Lidl (UK) is offsetting the carbon footprint of their meat-free VEMONDO range. We could create a campaing to offset these in SOIL CARBON PROJECTS.

And all of us could contribute to the campaign by sending a reciept of Vemondo purchase to LIDL to ask them to offset it in SOIL CARBON PROJECTS. Campagn to offset Carbon Footprint of food products on SOIL CARBON PROJECTS.

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