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Save Soil Movement Ideas
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Created on Feb 17, 2022

Unite every powerful, connected businessperson who comes from the heartland and villages of our world

Bezos bought Whole Foods, so perhaps there's some interest there in soil. We need to find out who, among the wealthy, connected businesspeople, come from the countryside and have the earth in their veins. We need a compelling pitch and we need them to connect with their buddies. At least in the US, it's all about money and whoever has it and can talk to the next person who has it is the one who can change something. Most of the rural voters in the US are republican. This is a rallying point beyond all other if it's pitched right. Revive the republican party (I'm not republican, nor democrat either for that matter) around this issue. We need to stay away from appearing progressive or partisan, and we need big business to see what's in it for them. If they see soil as the new black gold, we may be able to pull them in. It's about life. Our mother's body is being skinned alive.

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