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Save Soil Movement Ideas
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Created on Mar 1, 2022

Making organic products more accessible and moderate price

People get confused of identifying organice from chemically treated stuff. Also price of organic stuff is not affordable for common people. Government through privatisation should do some arrangements to get it done.
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  • Dean Simmons
    Apr 3, 2022
    That's not hard, but first we need to implement resource and waste management systems that return what we consume from the land, back into the ground, (instead of out into our oceans 🐟) so that organic food systems are simply commonplace. 😊 As long as we send our waste out into the oceans, instead of into our fields, we will continue to deplete the resources of our lands. 🌳 Kelp meal, seaweed fish products, crab meal, oyster shells, and sea salt are all excellent ways to reclaim nutrients from the oceans. 🌏🐚 Creating soil isn't hard. It's a cycle. ♻️ It simply takes the willingness and the implementation of new systems. Wealth will always accompany sustainability. We will make it commonplace dear brothers and sisters. 😌🌎✨
  • Guest
    Mar 2, 2022

    ok not bad