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Save Soil Movement Ideas



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Collaborate with Schools and Colleges/Universities to join Conscious Planet- Save Soil movement

Namaskaram Everyone, There are so many schools and colleges in a cites/towns to whom we can contact and include them to be a part of Conscious Planet movement. We can contact the teachers/Professors/principal of schools and colleges where we studi...
Shivani #Save Soil 3 months ago in Partnerships 2
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"Conscious planet save soil" Logo printed on every product package in the world

Patner with companies and governments around the world, to make the conscious planet save soil Logo printed in every product package. This will trigger individuals every time they buy a product and conscious planet movement will be a household and...
abhishek subedi 4 months ago in Partnerships 3
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Partner With Elon Musk on Conscious Planet

Elon Musk is known for his efforts in making sustainable ways for humans to live their lives. I believe with his voice and funding he could make a big difference with Conscious Planet's mission.
Jarret WoonSam 4 months ago in Partnerships 3
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coorporate with permaculture scene

permaculture is all about conscious organisation of lifes basics aiming ecological, community and healty lifestyle aspects. The movement is hughe, many Instagram influencers, local projects and to mention 'GEN'- global ecovillage network.
Guest 5 months ago in Partnerships 2

Collaborate with Corporate Companies| Business in Conscious Planet- Save Soil Movement as a part of CSR activity

Namaskaram Everyone! Idea here is to get the Corporate Companies and Businesses involved in the Conscious Planet- Save Soil Movement as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR). By involving the Corporate Companies and Businesses will help t...
Shivani #Save Soil 3 months ago in Partnerships 0

Partner with existing EU projects and initiatives on Soil protection and regeneration

Let's partner with already existing Soil movements which are undergoing in Europe, to create resonance and get heard better! Recent EU Soil Deal: EU project - Soil obs...
Maria Simsky 5 months ago in Partnerships 2

Collaborate with Fridays for Future movement

Fridays for Future is a youth environmental movement, that has a lot of following all over Europe. In collaborating with them there could be a massive amount of people Sharing content and spreading awareness.
Guest 6 months ago in Partnerships 2

Partner with packaging companies so that every package has save the soil logo and QR code to join the movement the

It will have a tremendous reach if every food /product package has the conscious planet logo and the QR code to join the movement
Guest 4 months ago in Partnerships 1

Saving the rainforest of South Amerika by making a living chain of people thats protect it and planting trees while living from the land.

Why it is usefull and what are the bennefits? -It is usefull for so manny reasons and having so manny bennefits for everybody. -It is good for the soil -It protects the eco system that is still left there. -It protects the trees and the annima...
Guest about 1 month ago in Partnerships 0

Collaboration with Greenpeace organisation in different countries

No description provided
Daria Leonova 5 months ago in Partnerships 1